Project Management

Our project management services ensure that your project is delivered on time and within your budget.

Delmar’s dedication to service ensures improved project control and performance that will drive your project to completion. We are committed to helping you take your drug candidate from the discovery stage through proof of concept and beyond.

Co-ordinating processes from one phase to the next, meeting timelines and dealing with complex regulations are often challenging aspects of the drug development process. Our Project Managers are here to remove some of the pressures you face, and, working closely with you, to help make your development process more efficient. Compressing timelines, maintaining quality control and reducing the cost of commercialization, we can help build a smooth drug development program — and ultimately advance your drug to market faster, safer and on budget.

With their in-depth understanding of the drug development process, our Project Managers provide more than an understanding of the project at hand. They can also help you prepare for the challenges facing you as you advance to your next milestone.

Managing and controlling every step of your project’s life cycle, from initiation, through planning, execution and close out, our Project Managers cover all the bases, taking responsibility for:

  • The primary point of contact
  • Early identification of project risks
  • Contingency and scenario planning
  • Rapid resolution of any issues that arise
  • Scope change management
  • Resource management
  • Effective flow of information
  • Maintaining a highly effective, flexible, responsive project team
  • Establishing open lines of communication
  • Focusing the project team on a common set of objectives
  • Encouraging and motivating the team
  • Ensuring project objectives and deliverables are met in full and on time
  • Integrating multi-disciplinary project functions into a high performing team
  • Monitoring project progression 

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