Chemical Development

Delmar provides a broad spectrum of chemistry services backed by decades of experience. Delmar operates well equipped, state of the art synthetic laboratories that allow our chemists to develop and scale-up the most complex syntheses.

Our R&D team has considerable experience in developing highly complex syntheses and providing process optimization expertise for challenging API development programs. For example, they perform a wide range of synthetic chemistry down to -78˚C like dianion chemistry, metal-mediated coupling reactions; hydrogenations; synthesis of Polyethyleneglylated (PEGylated) compounds; and peptide and carbohydrates synthesis.

Delmar offers the expertise and equipment to help synthesize API at 1-5 kg scale, quickly and according to current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). At this early stage of development, the goal is to establish the infrastructure and chemistry processes needed to advance an API forward in development.

Our development chemists can provide technical assistance in the early stages of any drug development program, whatever the challenges, from creating a process for a new compound, to refining an existing lab-scale procedure. This includes the selection of materials and equipment that are consistent with cGMP guidelines. Years of experience with organic synthesis ensure that the processes we create can be scaled-up and will pass the scrutiny of the FDA, MHRA and other international regulators.

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