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Pilot Plant

The Delmar pilot plant occupies an area of approximately 235 m2. Half of the area contains a mezzanine of steel grating where our seven vessels are installed, which allows access from both floor and mezzanine levels. The pilot plant vessels are equipped for nitrogen inerting on-line and are serviced with steam (140°C), hot water and methanol/water cooling (-30°C). Hot oil heating or liquid nitrogen cooling is also available. A separate room connected to the pilot plant has its own air control and houses a vacuum tray dryer.

Pilot Plant Equipment:
  • Reactors
    • 40 litre Hastelloy C
    • 200 litre S/S with high (230°C) and low (-80°C) temperature capabilities
    • 75 litre Glass lined (G/L)
    • 200 litre G/L
    • 2 x 520 litre G/L
    • 970 litre G/L
  • Vacuum dryer (9.4 m2) in separate room with air control
  • Single plate portable Aurora filter/dryer (26″ diameter)
  • Flash chromatography pilot scale unit – Biotage
  • Electronic balances
  • Mobile tanks
  • Pumps/vacuum pump
  • Manufacturing accessories

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